Wedding Party

Kathryn Dugal


Kathryn and Jeff began running together when he moved to town and joined the local running club. Jeff suggested Kathryn hang out with Jessie and BOOM, friendship magic happened that led them to miles of training runs, a roomie stint, and too many laughs to count. She is always positive, full of energy, and most importantly, always up for one of their crazy running adventures.

Jeff says, even though she’s marrying them, “Kathryn, don’t touch my stuff.”

Carly Hernden (Sister of The Bride)

Maid of Honor

When Carly was born, nine-year-old Jessie gained a best friend. Unfortunately, infants don't make good best friends BUT, since then, they’ve both grown into the role. Jessie has subjected Carly to countless blabbering and mushy stories about Jeff over the years, and Carly always listened. Always. Jessie is incredibly grateful to have Carly by her side.

Justin Yarham (Yammer Hammer)

Best Man

Justin and Jeff have known each other since first grade and been best buds since then. These two have pretty much been through anything you can think of together, and Jeff is honored to have him as his Best Man. 

Erin Secord (Cousin of The Bride)


Erin was Jessie’s first best friend. All those tea parties, hours playing house, and summers at Elberta created the base for a friendship they were fortunate to rediscover in college. Despite not always getting along (I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you sing the ABCs with me that one time), their friendship grew into something beyond forced-family-fun.

Sam Petrey (Sammie Sam)


Though they've known each other since elementary school, their relationship finally solidified at band camp where they started the band Rude Staff Checkers. Writing songs such as "Afterskool" together and being each other's sounding boards, Jeff is grateful to have another best friend stand up with him!

Kelsey Lint (Cousin of The Bride)


Kelsey and Jessie spent summer after summer and every holiday together for most of their lives (also can’t forget the motorhome trip to Wyoming…). Kelsey is an amazing baker in Montana and Jessie is really thankful she is flying in to stand up at the wedding!

Nate Hall (Naked Nate)


How many best friends can you have? When you have a Friend like Nate in your life, the answer is not enough. These dudes friendship also blossomed with the formation of the Rude Staff Checkers and continued as they played on the same line in high school hockey and attended Miami University together. Nate always gives the best hugs upon reunions and he'll always hold a special place in Jeff's heart. 

Megan Panchamé (The Matchmaker)


Oh Meg, where to begin! Beautiful, funny, and a talented pastry chef, this whole wedding business wouldn’t be happening without her. Meg and Jessie worked together and instantly became best friends. Megan told Jessie she was going to meet this guy, Jeff. Now you all have to come to this wedding.

Peter Eckendorf (Eckie)


He's the Ecke-roonie. The Ecke-zulu. The Ecke-bulu...and well another one of Jeff's best buds. Growing up playing soccer together, their relationship finally flourished with the Rude Staff Checkers and being co-captains of their high school soccer team. Not only is Eckie always ready for it, he's also the friend who would bend over backward to make you feel great and Jeff is stoked to have him stand up for the wedding. 

Kelly Gordon (Sister of The Groom)


Kelly welcomed Jessie into the family right from the beginning, always making her feel welcome and included. Jessie is really excited to gain a second sister!

Dave Gordon (The Muscle)


David and Jeff met when Kelly (Jeff's sister) finally said "Hey, I'm dating this guy." Knowing his sister, Jeff knew she didn't want no scrubs and after spending many years and family holidays with David, I knew he was an amazing guy who I wanted to stand up at the wedding.

Grace Lillian Gordon (Niece)

Flower Girl

Susan Brown